What People are Saying.


"Modern College is the Bible for college.


Every high schooler should be given this book. It is filled with nuggets of wisdom. The advice in this book includes how to decide if going to college is right for you, picking the right major, how to learn optimally, and even how to make the most of college."

―Ashar Malik, Sofware Engineer @ Vectra AI, UT-Austin Grad


"This book is a fun and easy read that takes you through the college experience of the author while providing excellent straight-forward advice, making it a valuable resource for anyone deciding to attend college, currently in college, or entering the job market. Read Modern College to learn how to successfully get the job that you need to live the life that you want."


"Modern College is a crucial piece of the college puzzle; a resource I, along with many others, wish we would’ve had.


It breaks down the college experience into digestible steps, helping individuals think critically about their goals and personal “why” before, during and after college. Couldn’t recommend it more."

―Kasey Altman, AE @ Google,            Penn State World Campus Grad


“A comprehensive guide on approaching college/professional experiences that will help you break down life decisions with logic and success in mind. Easy Read. Great for parents too!”

―Austin Valaitis, Student @ UW-Madison

―Samantha Sison, Researcher at SCRM, UW-Madison Grad


"As a current college student I would recommend Modern College to all high school and college students. Alex has a vast amount of experience from all over the world and knows what it takes to succeed in school and life. 


After reading Modern College I wish I could go back to high school and re-enter college with this information."

―Nick Clarizio, Student @ UW-Madison


"Data-driven and relatable, specific and comprehensive, Modern College delivers a roadmap of the most common and most difficult decisions that an aspiring college student will face today in America. Alex gives readers a concrete way to think about college as more than a major, a diploma, or the next four years. I wish I had this book before I went to college."

―Ted Schelbe, Senior Associate at Penn Foster, Boston College Grad


"As a daughter of immigrants, I wish I had read this book before heading to university. It’s filled with personal anecdotes, data, and helpful advice to make the most of the four years.


Modern College tackles the tough questions head on giving readers a look into the today’s college life highlighting opportunities and cautioning about potential pitfalls. I can’t recommend this book highly enough!"

―Julia Abelsky, PM @ LinkedIn, Northwestern Grad


"While it is easy to fall into the repetitive cycle of classes, parties, and dorm, Modern College takes you on a new “campus tour” to show you all that is available to you. Take this book as an atlas and not Google Maps. It won’t tell you which street and turn to take, but you will know where you are and how to get to the next by adopting the strategies the author provided to you."

―Xiao He, Security Engineer @ Twilio, UW-Madison Grad


"Parents who want the best for their children will read this book and share with their children since our college experience is not the same experience our children will have during and after college. They should hear from a recent college graduate who shares his journey along that road while usually successfully navigating through life’s potholes and learning from his mistakes."

―Greg Hendry, Father of 5, Director @ KPMG, Notre Dame & Cornell Grad


"A college education is costly, and it's too easy to look back at the experience wishing you had done it differently. Modern College gives a wealth of knowledge, data, and personal anecdotes on how to make the most of your investment, from choosing majors and roommates to really taking care of yourself. It's honest, cheeky, and some darn good advice."

―Tai Bendit, PM @ LinkedIn, University of Pennsylvania Grad


"Modern College answers many questions that high schoolers, college students, recent graduates, and even parents ask -- what’s next? A captivating read that deliberately touches on personal experience while humbly expressing what it takes to succeed in university, if that is your chosen route. The author is transparent in his struggle and confident in his decisions; Modern College speaks truth and has the power to motivate and inspire you."   

―Aaron Nichols, Sales/Customer Success Specialist, UW-Madison Grad